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The Octopus Operator
How to ensure a smooth operation

An operator is rather like the body of an octopus. The operator’s eight arms will search out, share or obtain information from various departments and third parties.

Susette Sluppke will give an overview on the role and tasks of the physical commodity trading operator. She will provide advice and templates which might smooth the day-to-day business of a busy operator.


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Topics Covered

  • The eight arms – Communication with various departments. A brief summary of the Operator’s role
  • The importance of communication and precision
  • The Deal Recap – the more precise, the better – train your trader
  • The Contract – always an eye on the amendments – a brief note on Sanction clauses
  • The Nomination – timely and precise – an example based on BP GTC’s 2015
  • The Inspectors Appointment – you get what you are asking for – an example
  • How to help the demurrage department getting their claims accepted – useful tools

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