CIF Amsterdam consistent with loading laycan 1-5 Jan 2021

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CIF Amsterdam consistent with
loading laycan 1-5 Jan 2021

What does this mean?
How do you assess if a vessel is late and what are the consequences?

This seminar will be jointly presented by David Clark, Director at Pequod Associates and an invited guest speaker, Stewart Buckingham QC of Quadrant Chambers. Stewart was the barrister acting for the successful claimant in The Azur Gaz [2005] EWHC 2528, the only case that has examined what is meant by a loading laycan in the context of a CIF contract. The seminar covers:


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Topics Covered

  • CIF/CFR/DAP contracts – sellers and buyer obligations
  • Timing issues regarding shipment
  • Creating discharge port delivery date obligations in CIF/CFR/DAP contracts
  • The Azur Gaz [2005] EWHC 2528
  • Laycan/loading/shipment period– how the effect of these expressions differs in CIF/CFR/DAP contracts.
  • Arrival at discharge port consistent with loading… What does “consistent with” mean and how do you assess if the vessel has arrived late?
  • Remedies for buyers under CIF/CFR and DAP contracts under English law if the vessel arrives late at discharge port and how if at all these differ under BP GTCs 2015.

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