15/15 Survey Management

With Survey expenses increasing to the point that insurers
often have to abandon investigations below certain values
and intermediaries increasing claim costs,subrogation is of
increasing importance and can be the difference in profit or
loss on certain accounts.

With a bespoke survey network throughout the Americas, Pequod is not tied to any particular surveyors and so can appoint client preferred surveyors if required. Surveyors are independent and we have flexibility in identifying and changing non-performing groups. As a result Pequod’s 15/15 program, is ideally positioned to addresses these cost & service based issues.

Our Network

Pequod manages this network, chases reports and reduces client file time. So no time is spent by clients having to prepare a separate subrogation file. 90% of paperwork for subrogation is collected during the survey.


Transparency is paramount with the client seeing the original independent report and invoice.

With no additional Pequod branding to the survey reports, they can be used as contemporaneous evidence for court discovery.


Pequod provide a simple fixed management charge based on the cost of the local surveyor with a clear subrogation opinion given as soon as evidence is available

15/15 is driven by demand for improved subrogation returns, immediate interaction between the surveyor and Pequod subrogation staff and enhanced reports aimed at maximizing subrogation.

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