Navigating the digital
future of claims

At Pequod we recognise the importance continually refining our services and offerings to align with the latest trends and technologies in the industry. By doing so, we ensure the delivery of unmatched levels of customer service and industry-leading solutions.

The Power
to Innovate

The Pequod group was built on a culture that encouraged innovation and allowed our teams to create products that are tailored to the specific needs our a clients.

Driven by
customer experience

Pequod continue to re-evaluate and enhance service levels and our portfolio of services to ensure the best customer experience.

Data driven

Recognising the importance of data and analytics in an increasingly digital insurance industry, Pequod are constantly assessing and enhancing our systems to assist our clients to manage and mitigate claims and maximise recoveries.

Delivering value
through results

Continuing our proven history of achieving tangible results, Pequod’s focus always remains on supporting our clients success.

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Pequod Associates Limited are a global leader in the provision of Marine Claims TPA and Recovery services, specialising in detailed data reporting and analysis.

As a company, Pequod Associates have an experienced team of dedicated professionals who offer comprehensive services to assist clients navigate the complex world of marine insurance claims. We provide tailored solutions that meet each client's unique needs, from initial assessment to final settlement.
We also have an ever-evolving suite of data reporting capabilities that enable us to offer bespoke reporting capabilities to all clients.

This delivers data and detailed insights into claim trends and patterns, which helps empower clients to make informed decisions about risk management and loss prevention.
At Pequod Associates, we are committed to excellence and have a strong focus on customer satisfaction, which is why we are widely recognised as an ideal partner for consistently delivering industry-leading solutions from our client-focused global team.

Constantly evolving our portfolio of products to help our clients navigate the future of marine claims.

Claims TPA

Providing global expertise and focused on the needs of our clients, we build tailored, flexible, marine claims management services. 


Committed to maximising returns for clients in all manner of recovery and subrogation challenges and on a global basis.

Salvage & General Average

Proactive and commercial claim management of casualty claims, including the provision of Lloyds insured General Average and Salvage guarantees.

Hull & Marine Liabilities

With a combination of seafaring experience and in-house employment at P&I Clubs our experienced team have a detailed insight into all aspects of SOL, charterers’ liability and P&I defence work


A team with years of in house experience with some of the world’s largest oil traders. We handle both charter party and sale contract demurrage as well as additional freight claims all the way through to legal proceedings.

Legal Services

Our team with in-depth industry knowledge, providing clients with straightforward, focused commercial and legal advice, for quick and amicable dispute resolution.

Transport & Liability Claims

Through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Navis Claims, outsourced claims management services are provided to global logistics groups and their liability insurers. 

15/15 Survey Management

Survey expenses have increased to the point that insurers abandon investigations below certain values and intermediaries can increase claim costs.

Ports & Terminals

Incidents arising from a vessel striking objects, other vessels or facilities at a port or berth will usually lead to claims against the liability insurers of the offending vessel.

Marine Commercial & Small Craft

Compared to larger vessels, which predominantly ply their trade in the “open sea”, such vessels spend far more of their time moored, anchored or navigating in congested and hazardous waters.

Pequod Resoucres

Pequod online seminars provide delegates with a wide variety of modular training sessions which cover specific topics including laytime/demurrage and oil operations.

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Pequod Resources

As we Navigate to the Next Normal, our commitment to invest in new and engaging ways of reaching out to clients sees the introduction of "Pequod Resources".
A wide reaching selection of MS Teams presentations in the pipeline for 2021. Key issues covered include sales contracts, laytime & demurrage and contaminations. All of which include Q&A sessions.

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