Marine Commercial & Small Craft

There is far greater risk and hence a much higher incidence
of losses arising in the marine small craft sector…

Compared to larger vessels, which predominantly ply their trade in the “open sea”, such vessels spend far more of their time moored, anchored or navigating in congested and hazardous waters.


These small craft include; domestic fishing vessels, bunker tankers/barges, tugs, dredgers, pilot boats and various other port, anchorage and offshore, e.g. windfarm, “tenders”. We have considerable experience in assisting the owners, insurers and brokers of such specialised vessels in protecting their interests and pursuing their claims for damages arising from collision incidents with third parties, which often include an uninsured element of lost earnings/profit, the potential recovery of which may be a crucial factor for the owners of such vessels.


Similar factors apply in the burgeoning commercial and privately owned yacht and motorboat sector. Such vessels have the added risk of being unmanned or undermanned for a significant proportion of the time, even when in their “home” port/berth; leaving them exposed to damages arising from negligence on the part of port and marina operators; and from various other third-party contractors, due to a heavier reliance on outsourced maintenance.


At Pequod Associates Limited we also have considerable expertise in assisting the owners, insurers and brokers of such vessels in pursuing their claims for all manner of such damages that may arise.

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