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Contracts Seminars

Oil Sales Contracts

To explain amongst other things how a contract is formed & what the effect is of a deal recap…

FOB Contracts

To provide an understanding of the interrelationship of duties between buyers & sellers under a FOB contract…

CIF Contracts

This talk aims to consider the effect of contractually agreed arrival dates & title and risk to the cargo in cases where contamination occurs during the ocean passage.

Time Bars

This seminar aims to provide a summary of the law covering time bars

BP VOY4 & typical additional terms

This Seminar seeks to share the reasoning & purpose behind the amendments & additional terms typically made to this charter party form.

Interim ports clauses

This seminar aims to explain the costing variations that exist between different forms of interim/additional port clauses.

Tanker Charter Parties

This seminar aims to provide an overview of the main Charter Parties used in Oil Business.

Charter Parties, Contracts & Terminal Agreements

This Seminar aims to provide an overview of the relationships in the business.

Shell General Terms and Conditions 2010 – an overview

This seminar aims to provide a highlight of relevant clauses and their impact.

Laytime & Demurrage/Detention Seminars

Commencement of Laytime

This talk aims to provide an understanding of the four triggers necessary to start the laytime clock and the effect of the case law surrounding these four triggers.

Exceptions to Laytime & Demurrage

This talk aims to provide an understanding of how the laytime and demurrage clock can be stopped, once time has started to count.

Laytime & Demurrage in sale contracts

This will explain how sale contract demurrage clauses differ and the effect of this difference.

Nominations Under Oil Contracts & Their Impact on Laytime & Demurrage

When time starts when nomination are given late under various Trading Terms & conditions.

Recovering Freight Differentials, Deviation & Detention under CIF & CFR Contracts

How these costs should be treated under GTCs to Ensure Charterer is not out of pocket.

Weather Delays & Strikes

An overview of how some Charter Parties and GTcs deal with these delays.

Owners Purposes

What time is spent on Owners Purposes and how is this treated under the charter party.

Timesheets & Letters of Protest

What Purpose do they serve?

Excess Pumping

Loading and Discharge Rates – what happens when rates not achieved.

Lightering & STS Operations/Multiberth Operations

Practical Problems.


What time is spent on Owners Purposes and how is this treated under the charter party.

Force Majeure

What is it and how is it calculated.

Submitting & Resolving Claims

What documents to include & how do you get paid.

Reasons for Demurrage

Why you incur demurrage and what you can do about it.

Pro Rata Calculations

A part Cargo or sharing a vessel with another Charterer.

Storage Terminals & Demurrage

Awareness of demurrage implications in Storage Contracts.

Cargo Loss & Contamination Seminars

Petroleum Contamination Claims

the steps that a trader should take and also might be taken against a sale contract counterparty or the vessel…

Cargo Heating

Realising the benefits of efficient cargo heating and minimising loss…

Cargo Loss

Moving cargo from A to B results in a loss of product. Why does it happen, where does it happen and what can be done to minimise the loss?


The Operator

What makes a good operator? (In the eyes of management / In the eyes of a trader)? How and why the role varies by company, trading floor and even trading bench.

Operations Management Procedures

Managing significant risk in a world of increasing demands, priorities, excessive data and information.

Tanker fundamentals

To gain a basic understanding of what, for most people, is their cargoes primary mode of transportation.

Tanker Pumping Systems

Awareness of efficient (and not so efficient) systems. What goes in rarely comes out. The benefit of trim and list.

Ship Vetting

Why vetting is essential and what part does the cargo operator play in the process? What does ‘vetting’ comprise of and how does it impact on safety and ships overall performance across the globe.

Cargo Inspectors & Superintendents

Defining the roles and the key differences. Perception versus reality. What to expect (and what not to expect), along with the costs.

Inspection nominations

Making sure you get exactly what you want from your appointed inspector. A basic nomination will result in a basic inspection. If you don’t ask (specifically) you don’t get.

Letters of Credit

A simple process that often goes wrong for many reasons. The risk associated with a mistimed or discrepant L/C can be significant.

Ship to Ship transfer operations

Increasingly used around the world, covering ships of all sizes. An operation that needs awareness along with careful monitoring and management.

Documentary Instructions and Voyage Orders

Inconsistent formats range across the industry. Clear and concise instructions that meet your company’s operational needs are fundamental requirements.

Oil Cargoes Testing & Analysis

Oil Cargoes

To introduce the different properties and storage/carriage requirements of some of the most common oil cargoes and give examples of common problems

Oil Cargo Measurement

To explain the steps required to accurately measure and calculate oil cargo quantities

Oil Cargo Sampling

To explain how cargo samples are drawn, the various types of samples that can be taken and the challenges of obtaining reliable, representative samples.

Oil Cargo Analysis

To explain how samples are analysed to determine compliance with specification and to investigate quality complaints.

Oil Cargo Shortage Claims

To explain how shortage claims can arise (paper vs physical losses) and how they are investigated

Oil Cargo Quality Claims

To explain how quality claims can arise and how they are investigated.

Mitigating Off-Specification Oil Cargoes

To explain the options available when faced with an off-specification oil cargo.

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